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Cultmaster is perfect for artists and galleries that are looking for help with everything that is easier said than done: from a cool website design, rewarding newsletter service and archiving solutions to all logistic aspects related to their work. We know it can be tough, and we are here to take the load off your back.
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We are fond of travelling as well and we think it is one of the most important aspects of our lives. We are working on the development of a new web service for everyone who, like us, likes to see the world through a local's point of view! Stay tuned.
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We at Cultmaster live and breathe design on a daily basis, and we are not afraid of some coding either. We specialize in web design for artists and designers. We know what to highlight or where to put extra care and attention to deliver a modern and polished product that will surely impress clients and customers worldwide.
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Carla Sguario
Brazilian by birth, English by nature, Italian by adoption, I think I have true cosmopolitan blood. I love different cultures and have lived in 3 different continents.

I speak fluently English, Portuguese and Italian (some Spanish too) and what I find most interesting in expressing myself in different languages is how your way of thinking changes according to the language you are speaking reflecting the culture they belong to. This is kind of what happens when I design.

I graduated some years ago in interior design and followed it with a master’s degree at Domus Academy in Milan and 5 years experience in design.
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Elisa Miotti
Born in Friuli, nowadays I live in Arona, a charming town on the shore of Lago Maggiore.

Graduated in Cultural Management, professionally I have combined my passions: contemporary art, planning and web design. For several years I have worked at Francesca Minini gallery in Milan and now I am working as studio manager for Francesco Simeti.

Along with Carla Cultmaster was founded, an association devoted to the development of projects that bring new technologies to the service of culture.


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